The Odd Fellows Society

The Odd Fellows Society is one of the best mystery coded books I have read in a longtime. This book will keep you wide awake!!!

The Odd Fellows Society is a book centered around the mysteries of the historical monuments in Washington, D.C. With the unexplained death of his friend, Father Santiago Torres was left to decode a number of messages that were left behind when his friend died. With the death having all the making of a suicide, Father Santiago knows better and is determined to not leave any stone unturned to prove that his friend did not commit suicide.

Father Santiago Torres, is a headmaster of a prominent prep school in Washington, D.C. Having converted to priesthood a long time ago, he still had an affection for Abigail Bryne, is longtime girlfriend. Father Santiago Torres was facing dealing with his emotions and trying to deal with his friend, Father Jasper Willoughs' mysterious death. Father Willoughs love puzzles and left a string of them before his death that can lead to clues as to what would have caused his demised. Solving the puzzles will take Father Santiago to all parts of Washington, D.C. focusing on the historical monuments. His brother Nicolas Torres is an FBI agent who Father Santiago does not fully trust but can be his ally.

As Santiago and Abigail worked together to find out what led to Jasper's death, they become engulfed in a wave of events from the 19th century involving anti Catholic groups in which Jasper may have unearthed some illicit activities which was documented in his thesis.

Don’t miss this awesome book. If any of the above interested you put this on your must read list.

Book Blurb for The Odd Fellows Society

Santiago Torres, the Jesuit headmaster of one of Washington, D.C.’s top high schools, knows two truths. First, historian Jasper Willoughs, his closest friend, didn’t toss himself off a dormitory roof. Second, a Georgetown University secret society—a running joke on campus—has blood on its hands.

Torres’s pursuit of the truth embroils him in a bizarre and thrilling scavenger hunt. The clues, scratched out on parchment by the mysterious Odd Fellows Society, lead Santi to risk everything he holds sacred: his job, his life, even the woman he secretly loves. As for his relationship with his God?

Well, that’s complicated.

A hold-your-breath thriller that explores our national obsession with race, The Odd Fellows Society will have you looking at the U.S. capital—and its monuments’ secrets—in a whole different shade of black and white.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2016 4.50