The Curious Steambox Affair

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The Curious Steambox Affair

The Curious Steambox Affair consists of a nice mix of drama and suspense which leads to murders and Mr. Purefoy being framed for murder.

The novel is about a physician’s assistant’s (Alistair Purefoy) experiences during his posting in Edinburgh. The setting is in the 19th century which consisted of brick buildings, carriages and zeppelins for transportation. Post mail was the only form of communication and Mr. Purefoy would communicate regularly on experiences in Edinburgh with this love Ms. Eugenia Campbell – a daughter of a well-known physician whom Mr. Purefoy had assisted during a previous assignment. Mr. Purefoy uses Ms. Campbell’s responses from his letters as comfort during his stay at Edinburgh.

Mr. Purefoy accepted a posting to Edinburgh to serve as a physician's assistant to Dr. Ian Hyde at Edinburgh Operating Theatre; well that’s what he thought, which as the drama develops we find out he was really sent on a mission to deter Dr. Hyde from progressing on his experiments in developing uses of a Steambox to store energy from human souls.

Overall this was an exciting book, I thought however it was becoming a little monotonous with the daily logging of Mr. Purefoy’s experiences to Ms. Campbell and should have included a mix of events alternating between the letters.

Book Blurb for The Curious Steambox Affair

The captivating debut novel in a steampunk mystery series featuring a physician’s assistant who is particularly adept with cases of murder. 


The year is 1827, and Alistair Purefoy, a young physician’s assistant, moves to Edinburgh to take a position with one Dr. Hyde. His colleagues call him a monster, while Hyde himself claims to have invented a Steambox that harnesses the human soul. Undaunted by these peculiarities, Alistair proves his mettle with the infamous Doctor, but he soon finds himself occupied outside the Operating Theatre as well…

When someone in his rooming house is murdered, Alistair is unnerved by the lack of interest from the police. He begins to investigate on his own, discovering a string of gruesome murders that appear to be connected, not only to each other, but also to him. Now Alistair can use all the help he can get, and with the aid of a secret society known as The Merry Gentlemen, he’s about to uncover a deadly experiment more monstrous than anything of Dr. Hyde’s imagining.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2012 4.00