Storm Crashers

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Storm Crashers

Imagine you are being faced by an approaching fierce storm and on top of that you have to deal with "Aliens" invading your home! This story is a telling tale that involves a property owner. What these "Aliens" wanted was very valuable, something that was more priceless than humans, however an unsuspecting human reaped the rewards.

This storyline is centered on the sunshine state of Florida. A category four storm is heading into the mainland. As with other storms of this strength, people are told to evacuate their property. However one owner, Alexandra Larroitt decided to stay put with her daughter Cassie. That decision could have been both good and bad as she had to defend her property from both the storm and high tech intruders.

The early part of this story makes you think that this is a science fiction book. Well Aliens are storming the planet! However as the story progresses it is totally the opposite. There is really a high tech heist taking place. I liked the approach the author took in developing this story as it really captured the reader's imagination as to what was behind the shaping of the characters involved in the heist.

If you enjoy suspenseful stories then this is a good one.

Book Blurb for Storm Crashers

Nature's most deadly force just got more terrifying. Imagine hiding in your home during a category-four hurricane. Suddenly dark figures enter -they are the Storm Crashers: high-tech thieves who prey on storm evacuations. They must race the clock and are fearless -until they come across a mysterious young witness who fights back. Dan Holms, a disparaged investigator, and a rookie female detective are disciplined for believing the young witness's story about "mystery soldiers." The Crashers want to silence the woman who has seen them, and a new Cat-5 is on the way. Holms and the detective unravel their origin with action and twists that could inevitably impact our national security. A story inspired by real crimes, and so unique and action-packed, it was optioned by a "big-six" Hollywood studio.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2016 3.50