Signature Wounds

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Signature Wounds

A bombing in Las Vegas has FBI agent Paul Grale seeking a personal vendetta. Paul is a special agent and a bomb tech. With his family dead and a possible target being one of his closest friends, Paul is faced with a quandary. He has the backing of senior officials in the FBI, so at least he can focus on solving this crime. However, Paul must put his personal feelings aside and solve this crime in a professional manner.

It’s been reported that a bomb has exploded in the Alagara building where a party is being held. The cops however are saying it is fireworks as it’s the evening of the fourth of July. Paul has a somewhat checkered past serving in the Iraq war. Because of that law enforcement doubted his reports. Paul knows that his sister Melissa, nephew Nate and brother in law, Air Force Captain Jim Kern are all in the building. Soon Paul has to enter the building following the bombing incident. He makes a dreadful discovery. Almost all his family is dead, with the exception of his niece. Paul's life was spared because he was running late. He was supposed to be at the party with his family. Now it’s his responsibility to get vengeance for all of them.

“Signature Wounds” is an action packed story with the author providing clear descriptions of the characters involved. I think the storyline however went bland after the bombing as there were too many scenes and conversations amongst the characters leading up to who was actually responsible for the bombing. After Paul zeroed in on the perpetrators the action resurrected and went straight through to the end of the book. The story ending was not what I expected, which is good, as it wasn’t too easy for the reader to figure out.

Book Blurb for Signature Wounds

While in Las Vegas on his way to a family Fourth of July celebration, FBI bomb expert Paul Grale hears a deep blast and sees the smoke rising. In an unfolding nightmare, Grale discovers his sister, brother-in-law, and many friends were caught up in the explosion. Grief stricken, he is pulled from the main bomb investigation to sift orphan leads. Quietly he begins a relentless search for the bomb maker.

When the FBI suspects his friend and disgruntled former drone pilot for the blast, Grale thinks they’re getting it all wrong. Propelled by deep personal loss and an intense need to do the right thing, he picks his way through the smallest of leads and into a maze of twists, turns, and sudden dead ends. When he uncovers another threat, time is already quickly running out. With the lives of so many at stake, Grale won’t let himself fail—and he won’t rest until there’s justice for his family.

Adrenalized, gripping, and all too timely, Signature Wounds brings terror to Vegas and introduces FBI special agent and bomb tech Paul Grale, a man whose specialized skill and fierce determination are a lethal combination.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2017 3.50