Shooting for the Stars

The Gil Malloy Series

A once top investigative reporter, Gil Malloy had found his career dwindling as he was not delivering the top notch stores anymore. After suffering many personal setbacks, Gil had decided to turn his life around and was given an opportunity to do a big story. Will he blow this one or will this be story that can rebuild his career?

Gil Malloy is a reporter for the New York Daily News. He will be interviewing Abbie Kincaid, a popular television personality and a highly respected journalist who is the host for the “PrimeTime file” program. Abbie was about to broadcast a big exclusive story on her program about an actress - Laura Marlowe who was murdered some thirty years ago. The interview went according to the ground rules laid out by Gary Lang, the executive producer foe the PrimeTime Files. However, Gil is caught in a tricky situation where he was not really provided sufficient information from Abbie as to what was the big story that she was going to broadcast. As an 'old school' reporter, Gil has to deal with new age media technology in which his stories have to be made instantly available. How will Gil deal with his editor, who is interested on increasing the newspaper website traffic with big stores as Abbie Kincaid is not spilling the beans on her big story?

This book is journalism at its best. It gives the reader a clear picture as to the means a journalist goes about getting that big story and having that instantly made available to the public. There is not a dull moment throughout this book as it is laden with mystery and suspense.

Book Blurb for Shooting for the Stars

Following up his “engrossing journalistic thriller” (Kirkus Reviews, starred review) The Kennedy Connection, R. G. Belsky brings back New York City newspaper reporter Gil Malloy in a gripping new mystery about the closed-case murder of a Hollywood actress.

Some thirty years ago, movie star Laura Marlowe was shot to death by a crazed fan in New York City, who then killed himself. The police ruled it a murder-suicide, the case was closed, and the beloved starlet faded away into history. But when New York Daily News reporter Gil Malloy re-investigates Marlowe’s death, long-buried secrets emerge and he begins to uncover the trail of a new serial killer. And more people are dying. Now, before he can solve the current crimes, Gil must find out what really happened to Laura Marlowe all those years ago.

Delving deep into the newsroom as we know it today—sensationalized, digitized, and ruled by social media—R. G. Belsky has crafted another expert thriller that shines with his shrewd and engaging style.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2016 4.50