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Emerson Moore

This mystery novel takes all different turns, which has the US government involved in a setup that is both fascinating and intriguing.

Emerson Moore, an investigative and Pulitzer Prize- winning reporter for The Washington Post, was tortured beyond anything he had experienced. His girlfriend was brought in for him to experience his torturing - would she also experienced a similar fate? After all that Emerson is going through he is not willing to give his torturers the information they want - the Nazarene code that can be used to control nations and bring abundance of power to anyone who possess it. Tracking the code Emerson had to trace the path of a professor’s murder, which takes him to Israel and Turkey. And what's with the mystery surrounding thirteen letters? Everywhere Moore turns he is being tracked by Russian thugs who are also interested in getting the code at all costs. Will the code be eventually found? Who will get it first, Emerson or the Russians?

Book Blurb for Sandustee

The Search for the Nazarene's Code.

If you liked National Treasure and DaVinci Code, you’ll love Sandustee. It’s a worldwide chase for clues to finding a lost Biblical scroll, the Nazarene's Code, which gives the holder the power to control nations. Running through the novel is a thread which links Osama Bin Laden to Jesus and the twelve disciples to Abraham Lincoln to Lincoln's assassination to Booth's escape to Dr. Samuel Mudd's house to Mudd's imprisonment in the Dry Tortugas. The thread is the Legend of 13; words with thirteen letters have stunning implications on the plotline.

This action-packed novel is filled with murder, cross and double-cross, scuba action, a touch of Knights Templar, Masonic symbolism, and political intrigue in D.C. and the world intelligence community. Washington Post investigative reporter, EMERSON MOORE, is accompanied by a beautiful blonde German antiquities researcher, KATRINA BIEBER, as they try to stay one step ahead of the shadowy Russian KARAPASHEV in finding and interpreting the clues. Moore is aided by former NSA cybercode breaker STEVE NICHOLAS and retired German BND spymaster ANDREAS KALKER.

From scuba diving in the Red Sea to the allure of Bodrum, Turkey, Moore and Bieber chase clues in Germany, the island of Rhodes, London, Key West, the Dry Tortugas, New Orleans, the Washington, D.C. area, and Ohio’s Huron, Sandusky and Put-in-Bay. Death is close on their heels.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2013 4.50