Risky Business

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Risky Business

I enjoyed reading this action novel; however a lot of characters are involved in various activities which make you lose track of roles. If you can keep them all separated you will enjoy the overall story.

Charlie Hunter, a former British police detective joined the police force when his mom died. He retired early and turned Private investigator in order to assist Cleo Kendall in freeing her father who is jailed for a murder he did not commit. Cleo approached Charlie as he is familiar with the case. Cleo’s mother died of heart disease with someone supposedly supporting her whilst in medical care who suddenly stopped paying the bills, leaving Cleo to manage all medical expenses and eventually running her broke. Cleo is someone who always remained guarded with her feelings but seemed to want to let go with Charlie who is more emotionally involved with Kara, his longtime friend.

As Charlie dives further into the mystery of why Cleo’s father was setup for murder, he seems to have already determined who may have been involved to some extent in the conspiracy. That being his step brother, Paul Flint, since Charlie seems to have thought he also had something to do with his mother’s death.

Apart from having to deal with the murder conspiracy, Charlie also has to deal with his former boss Jillian Slater who is trying to pin him for the murder of Jason Miller, a shady character and solicitor for Paul Garnet's fraud companies. Paul himself is a big time narcotics boss and also involved in other illegal activities.

Book Blurb for Risky Business

Former British police detective Charlie Hunter knows how cold cases can claw at your gut. His mother's unsolved murder was why he joined the force. Now he's reluctantly taking on cases as a P.I.—though what he really wants is to be left alone.

When a young woman asks for his help, he can't say no. Cleo Kendall is convinced that her father, who's serving a life sentence for murder, isn't guilty. Everyone thinks the case is closed, but Charlie doesn't agree. Especially when his investigation leads him to his difficult stepbrother, who may be involved with his mother's murder and Cleo's family.

With the detective chief inspector watching his every move, Charlie delves deeper and deeper into dangerous territory. But someone doesn't want Charlie getting to the bottom of this case—ever.

92,000 words

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2013 4.00