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A terrorist attack that could wiped out an entire civilization is being planned and it involves an intricate array of skilled terrorists and most importantly equipment to carry out the attacks. “Radioactive” is a story composed mainly of timelines and a lot of planning details that go into place to carry out a terrorist attack.

Ghassan Dhaduli is an agent terrorist working on instructions from his leader pack. The main goal of this mission is to attack the USA from all fronts. Ghassan has various foot soldiers from whom he gets all the equipment he needs to conduct his business. He also uses these soldiers to actually conduct smaller but lethal attacks.

Sheik Abu Sayyaf's character is also a commanding leader, one in which his followers have great respect for him. Unknowing to him though there were some members of his congregation who were from another brotherhood, the FBI.

“Radioactive” sufferers from a story flow problem. It’s too slow and is written around the timeline of events. There are numerous characters in this story, too many. At the end of the book the author does provide a description of each.

I found this story difficult to follow. The scenes changed so frequently. To me the only main character that was really popular was Ghassan. It was very effective in carrying out his duties.

Book Blurb for Radioactive

Disaster strikes when LAPD Detective Sergeant Mitchell Foster's orders lead to fatal consequences.  Foster is haunted by his past mistakes and nearly destroyed by this new grief but he must pull himself together when a terrorist raid on a nuclear storage facility puts law enforcement officials across the country on alert, Detective Foster's investigation reveals a home grown terrorist plot aimed at turning a most of the Los Angeles basin and half of Nevada into a radioactive wasteland. 

As Foster struggles to keep his guilt, anger, and frustration from boiling over, deal with his family's grief and anger, an even bigger threat looms. Conspiracies mount as the Department of Homeland Security and FBI investigations merge and land in Mitchell's lap. With time running down, Detective Foster must set aside the past and stop the home grown terrorists who want to kill millions of innocent Americans.  The murder of a Department of Homeland Security officer and an attack on his partner complicate the picture. He refuses to step back from the case even when his partner is wounded and his supervisor orders him to. In the middle of that pressure, DHS and the FBI ask Mitchell to find the ultimate suicide bomber before it is too late.

Nearly destroyed by grief over his loss, Foster finds himself falling in love with a strong woman who is drawn to the wounded warrior and his determination to survive.  Just when he thinks the worst is over, he finds the joint Department of Homeland Security, FBI investigation is depending on him and a police department wrapped up in a major nuclear spill.   

Mitchell is trying to cope with a city wide panic, find a murderer , stop a bank robbery, and find a dirty bomb that could make a large part of California and Nevada uninhabitable.  Tomorrow's headlines will read, "Terror plot averted," or "LA Radioactive." The difference is down to one grieving, angry cop, his woman, a physics professor, and Mitchell's stone cold determination to win a race to save tomorrow.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2017 3.00