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In “Osiris” a United States President's goals and ambitions are put on hold when there is a major terrorist attack. The President is placed into a situation whereby there is a massive loss of American lives and he risks his future presidency. On the spot decisions are required as events are becoming very fluid.

Adalet Gunay is a lieutenant in the Jandarma Istihbarat Teskilati (JITEM for short), the intelligence / counterterrorism ops wing of the Jandarma Genel Komutanligi, the Turkish Gendarmerie. He has linked up with some other sidekicks that will not prove to be good for US counterterrorism.

The book goes into many details about the characters. This slows the pacing of the story and led me to lose interest at times. This is based on the Iraqi war and ISIS contribution to the already fragmented society post war. The scenes were mostly between the United States' Presidents office and Baghdad.

The intrigue was engaging at the very beginning. However things went cold around the mid-way point. There was just too much detail.

The story provides a good insight of the pressures the President faces during situations especially when Americans in Baghdad are under attack, more so when the US based embassy was bombed.

I liked the character of the USA President as he was very charismatic and mixed no words in dealing with his advisers during the terrorist attacks.

Book Blurb for Osiris

Iraq and Syria were always artificial constructs. Nations carved out on maps that made sense to diplomats and Western politicians. With Saddam Hussein gone, Riyadh and Tehran are vying for regional dominance, alongside a host of new contenders: ISIS, Qatar and Turkey. This is the setting for OSIRIS, a story carved from today's fact and tomorrow's fiction. On a landscape cloaked in dust, an American embassy comes under siege by a weapon even Washington's military might cannot defeat, creating a dilemma no policymaker wants to confront: how to rescue 5,000 Americans trapped in Baghdad? Enter a crusty Marine sergeant, an embattled Army Major, two Turkish spies, the ultimate cyber warrior, and an ISIS leadership intent on establishing a new caliphate. The game is afoot. OSIRIS takes us on a twisted path from the glittering palaces of Qatar to the dusty hell of central Iraq, replete drunken Russian pilots, conniving American politicians, and the most unlikely heroes. Sheer will and technical expertise are pitted against national pride, religious zeal, and pathological bloodlust. Welcome to OSIRIS, the first in a trilogy that will take readers from the ISIS of today's newspapers to a caliphate that will leave tomorrow's Europe on the brink of a new Dark Ages.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2017 3.50