I Saw You in Beirut

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I Saw You in Beirut

I Saw You in Beirut has a pretty good plot with a "James Bond" style story line - only the James Bond here is a lady.

Having past acquaintances can be a good or a bad thing. In the case of Dr. Sara Almquist it was a bad thing - especially when these acquaintances are from the Middle East. Sara apparently is the only source that can lead to possibly saving a life and whilst being helped by the FBI, she is being tracked by others who want her dead.

Dr. Sara Almquist is a former university professor was assigned a research position at the USAID in Washington. Her job has her travelling across the globe especially in the Middle East. After retiring early as a university professor, she accepted a job at the USAID on the condition that she brings her dog "Bug" to work and that she does most of her work at home. This arrangement means that Sara would have face to face meetings at the Washington office on a periodic basis and on one particular day of whilst in Washington, she found her apartment ransacked, no one not even the landlady saw the perpetrator. Sara however retrieved an envelope with a cryptic message which turns out to her meeting past encounters from the Middle East. Having being previously kidnapped by drug lords in Bolivia, Sara is concerned that whoever the perpetrators are that she may end up being in a similar fate. However, her close friend, Eric Sanders is providing all the help he can to find out who is spying on Sara's moves but will he be able to handle what is coming for Sara?

Book Blurb for I Saw You in Beirut

In I Saw You in Beirut, a mysterious source of leaks on the Iranian nuclear industry, known only as F, sends an email from Tabriz: Help. Contact Almquist. Intelligence sources determine the message refers to Sara Almquist, a globetrotting epidemiologist, and seek her help to extract F from Iran. As Sara tries to identify F by dredging up long-forgotten memories about her student days at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and her work in Lebanon and the Emirates, groups ostensibly wanting to prevent F's escape attack her repeatedly.  However, she begins to suspect her current friendship with Sanders, a secretive State Department official, is the real reason she's being attacked.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2016 3.50