Honor Among Thieves

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Honor Among Thieves

A Sam Jenkins Mystery

“Honor Among Thieves” pulls you right into the concept of how your life can change in a split second. We have a police chief minding his own business. He suddenly gets sucked into a murder accusation that he had no business with. Now not only does he have to deal with this but some other personal issues that are somehow linked to this murder. How can he manage all of this and still be sane?

Sam Jenkins, a police chief of Prospect, Tennessee was enjoying an evening at home in front of the tube when a long-time colleague, Bo Stallins, contacted him about a murder. Sam is trying to figure out his involvement. He goes to the city morgue to get answers. He gets more than he was expecting. The dead person had Sam's number and address on a business card. The question is, what was he doing with this information? Sam however recognized the person and after retracing past history, determined that the guy may have been attempting to deliver him a message but instead met his fate. To make matters more complicated, a member of the mob who knows Sam very well wants to retire in of all places, Prospect. How will this add to Sam's already burdening murder accusation?

This is a story not only filled with drama but sprinkled with comedy. The reader is entertained throughout. The scene changes at times but is mostly focused on Sam's police office where key characters met with him. The build up to the real crux of this story though I found was somewhat lengthy as the reader would have to try to put the numerous pieces of the puzzle together.

Sam was an interesting character and he really approached his situations with a sense of maturity, though in some situations he was vulnerable especially when dealing with his old flame.

Book Blurb for Honor Among Thieves

What does a good cop do when his name and phone number is found in the pocket of a dead mobster from his past? Does he cooperate with the Internal Affairs investigator who wants to charge him with murder, but appears to have an ulterior motive?

Does he launch his own investigation into this murder from another jurisdiction to clear his name and find the real killer? Does learning that two former enemies have put a contract on his life complicate matters?

Night Owl Reviews May, 2017 4.00