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It is amazing how a birth of a child can bring about a total shift in direction for an established mafia gang. This happened to the Napolito family, more so, one of the main leaders who experienced the birth of his granddaughter and now is interested in making the world a greener place. How can he suddenly transition from being a mafia boss to a position of advocate for preventing climate change?

Sal Caetano the consigliere of the Napolito crime family - a top mafia gang, were having discussions with Vince Napolito and Johnny Scorzza (the enforcer) on a plan to exterminate Eddy Fora who was hired by the mafia to handle some business. Eddy in turn hired Louie Lamachia a computer whiz to assist him with the job. However, something went amiss and now the mafia is out to get the perpetrator - but who is really to blame? As the issue is resolved and life goes on in the mafia gang, Sal is suddenly changing and for the good of humanity.

After the birth of his granddaughter, he wants the best for her future and has a big interest in the environment and climate change. With the feds monitoring his movement for years, can Sal convince the rest of the members of his mafia gang that they should clean up their act and “go green”? This can be a hard sell for an organization with a deep criminal history.

This was an interesting book to say the least. The author did a good job of transitioning the scenes from a gang whose history is violence to “going green”.

Book Blurb for Greenfellas

Sal Caetano is a happy man. He’s the brains behind a New Jersey Mafia family and he expects to be made the boss soon. But everything changes on the night his first grandchild is born and he hears a news report claiming that by the time she grows up climate change will have wrecked the world. For Sal this is unacceptable and he decides to use all of his Mafia skills to save the environment. Hey, how hard can it be? Pretty hard, it turns out. Turns out the mob doesn’t want to change. Neither do the politicians he talks to. Soon Sal is fighting for his life with rivals inside and outside his own family; not to mention the FBI which holds a grudge against him. And all he wants to do is save the world… GREENFELLAS is a comic crime novel with issues.

ROBERT LOPRESTI was raised in New Jersey, where the book is set. He is now an environmental science librarian in the Pacific Northwest. His fifty-plus short stories have won the Derringer Award (twice), as well as the Black Orchid Novella Award, and been nominated for the Anthony Award. He is also the author of SUCH A KILLING CRIME and SHANKS ON CRIME.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2016 3.50