Flash Point

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Flash Point

Fault Lines

The ability to conduct a fraudulent scheme requires a motive and incentive. These are the factors that led Lena Fennen to conduct a complicated web of underground business transactions that leed her to becoming a very wealthy person. Her scheme captivated a high profile lawyer to be part of her team, which initially resulted in complications but turned out to be very fruitful. How was Lena able to work her scheme under the radar without be caught? You will find out between the pages of “Flash Point”.

Lena Fennan was a junior analyst at First American bank who devised a strange banking deal involving the acquisition of companies by defrauding unsuspecting business executives. She finds herself colluding with lawyers to back up her deal.

The first half of the book dealt mostly with Lena working her covert business operation. You do need to keep very focus on the story as it changes so frequently. It can distract the reader as to what really the theme of the story is about.

There are many characters lined up in this book, which can cause the reader to lose track of the role each character is playing. Among the myriad amount of characters though, I would say Reese Clawson was the person that added some intrigue and suspense into this story. As the story climaxed, Lena however encountered a different experience compared to her life earlier on. I recommend when reading this book that you give the story sometime to build before you make your judgement.

Book Blurb for Flash Point

What If the Limits of Time and Space Were Breached?

Junior financial analyst Lena Fennan loves managing risk and making money. Yet when she gets a mysterious invitation to take a leap into the unknown, she does not hesitate. Soon a series of events takes her to the brink of destruction. But Lena refuses to give in, entranced by glimpses of a future that redefine everything.

Reese Clawson emerges from prison gripped by the slow burn of revenge. She will track everyone who hand a hand in destroying her--and take them out. First on the list is Charlie Hazard.

As time and space become jumbled, Lena and Reese are pulled into a collision course that could alter the parameters of human consciousness.

Paperback Aug 2017

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2016 3.00