Dark Gold

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Dark Gold

A Robert Sable Mystery

Imagine being assigned to a mission that you have not a clue about its specifics. This is the position that two pilots faced - well at least one of them and the conspiracy that took place midair resulting in a fatal crash. Years after the incident, the payload is just as valuable as it was in 1944. Why is this payload so attractive that everyone wants to get their hands on it?

Trevor Sampson is pilot of a Curtiss C-46 Commando stationed at Fort Jackson, Alaska. Phil Martin, is Trevor's co-pilot and colleague for a number of years, yet there is something about Phil that despised Trevor - something suspicious. They were both on a mission to transport a top secret load. Suddenly whilst in midair something went fatally wrong and years after their sudden disappearance, their respective children Josh Sampson and Philip Martin Frost wanted to find out what really happened to their fathers. Philip however seemed to know what caused the disappearance and with his involvement in racketeering operations only increased his intensity of finding the payload that was being transported. Josh good word of Phillip’s motive and wanted to get his share. However, Philip had other plans on his mind which included removing as much people out of the picture with knowledge of the payload as possible. Two police troopers, Sergeant Aaron McCabe and Sergeant Robert Sable are causing problems for Philip who seems to have every trick up his sleeve in eradicating anyone who comes close to his goal.

This book is carefully crafted with lots of details for the reader to visualize the scenes evolving. At times though the plot seemed continually to drag on.

Book Blurb for Dark Gold

Two bodies are found in Prince William Sound—a frozen one wearing a WWII pilot’s uniform and another killed within the last few days. A plane carrying a shipment of gold was lost during the war. Alaska State Trooper Sergeant Robert Sable follows the clues as the body count rises, and he finds death awaits anyone with knowledge of the shipment. One by one, the clues lead Sable closer to the killer and the gold.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2016 4.00