Covert Acts

Jamison Paxston #2

“Covert Acts” is a story of drama, suspense and comedy. The merging of those elements makes this book an enlightening read and a 4.5 stars / Top Pick read. Don’t miss out on this suspense gem.

The death of a hotel / casino executive results in a number of questions that need to be answered. A game of politics mixed with terrorist activities all lead to this roller coaster suspense. What was so mysterious about the death of Jako Palma that is attracting attention from all sides? Can Jamison Paxton get out of this one? Those are just a couple questions that get answered between the pages of this book.

Jamison Paxston developed some software code that could create havoc across the world. Apparently this software was designed to track terrorists and the ownership of the software somehow is turning out be worse than originally thought. It seems to be playing into the wrong hands. Plus there are a pair of flash drives containing critical information as to what would have caused the murder of West Coast Casino and Suites executive. The Jako Palma connection is also making this situation even more complicated. This of course is turning out to be a challenge for Jamison and to top it all off, his ex-wife wants to murder him.

This is a story that is made up of two parts in which the result eventually leads to the star player, Jamison. Firstly, the murderous death of Palma is one that takes up most of the book and is very interesting with the mafia style operation involved in both finding out the cause of this death and Jamison's possible involvement. The second part to the story is that Jamison's wife has hired the same hit man (who is also hired by the mafia group) to kill Jamison. Who will win this battle? That’s the intriguing question.

If you find these elements intriguing. Make sure to go and get a copy of this book.

Book Blurb for Covert Acts

Jako Palma, the Executive Manager of the West Coast Casino and Suites in Vancouver, has been murdered and his Albanian Mafia kingpin boss, Salvatore Cuntrera, has sent his abrasive fixer, Jorge Linderman, to tie up any loose ends that might endanger the operation. But Cuntrera's not the only one looking for answers, and some of those loose ends have agendas of their own. Cross, double-cross, hacking, high-tech break-ins and murder are the tools as the players conspire to get what they want before Linderman can sort out the facts.

Jamison Paxston, entrepreneur and high-stakes gambler at the Casino, was present at Palma's death and now becomes entangled in the deadly intrigue. He had thought his involvement with Palma ended with Palma’s death, but instead he becomes a pawn as he tries to move forward with his own life.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2017 4.50