Brain Matters

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Brain Matters

An Alie McCull Mystery

From a journalist trying to protect her family falling prey to a wicked government experiment to a tangled maze of a prominent rouge attorney trying to protect his turf, Alie McGull has taken the mantle of a lone crusader in solving a mystery that eventually leads to a mysterious end. This book isn’t to be missed!

Alie McCull is a news reporter for the LA Sentinel. She’s interviewing Arnie Gladstone, who is a suspect in a robbery. Alie herself is an investigative sleuth that is relaying information to Arnie (who apparently is being framed). Alie relays all the developments of the crime Arnie supposedly committed. Suddenly, a sniper unknown to both of them assassinates Arnie. This is the turning point in Alie's life and career. A big question is, how did the sniper knew what was going on? What information did the sniper have about the meeting? Was Alie being setup?

I liked the investigative skills that Alie used in solving this murder. It leaves much to be desired from her detective friend, Theo Tanner. As the story develops, Alie is having a hard time coping with whom all the evidence seems to be pointing to. Is someone trying to wreck her life and those around her?

This story brings to life all the inner workings of a career investigative journalist and how they must challenging the criminal and legal system. I like the approach Alie took in getting to the bottom of this situation. She was independent and brave. I thought though that the author could have used detective Tanner's character more to support Alie's on her crusade to solve this mystery. The author was very skillful in creating this story using high energy drama with a tinge of comedy gravitating the reader throughout.

Book Blurb for Brain Matters

Reporter Alie McCull faces a political tempest of murder and deceit behind the backdrop of two corrupt government agencies. It is then that Alie discovers the Brain Matters.


One high-profile assassination. Two government agencies competing to bridle society with blackmail, mind-control and social engineering. And one vengeful reporter who will move heaven and earth to protect her stepson accused of a savage murder.

Alie McCull is followed by a trail of dead bodies as she unravels the truth of a conspiracy decades old. Using her reporter’s intuition is the only way she can solve the mystery and prove that, in the ugly face of corruption, the Brain Matters.

Stands Alone: Yes

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2017 5.00