Beyond Recognition

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Beyond Recognition

A True Story of Service, Dedication and Betrayal

Beyond Recognition is a book about a former LAPD officer (Ronald Corbin) and his experiences with all his encounters whilst in the service. Encounters range from dealing with domestic violence to routine traffic calls. He also faced a number of violent events during his time with the LAPD, especially with student pilot Jeff Lindenberg. You get to learn some tips on what cops do to prevent falling asleep whilst driving. During his time at the flight academy Ron also met with opposition when he first entered the academy. By entering via the military, he did not have to “pay” his way in order to get his wings. In this book you also learn some police terms such as (POV) personally owned vehicle and "211" (robbery). The book contains a lot of details about Corbin’s experiences and can bore the reader somewhat. Other than that I found the majority of the book fascinating. It is a good read.

Book Blurb for Beyond Recognition

Beyond Recognition is the memoir of Ronald Corbin, a former Army combat helicopter pilot and Vietnam veteran who becomes a Los Angeles policeman, and eventually a pilot for LAPD’s Air Support Division (ASD). Ron’s military training and unique combat flying experience as a “Slick” Huey pilot, and his wide background as an instructor pilot in various helicopters, is recognized by the ASD captain, but not without creating fierce jealousies. After an aircraft accident that claims the life of a pilot trainee and puts Ron in the hospital, the LAPD assembles a Board of Inquiry. Ron’s detractors seek jealous revenge by feeding misleading statements to the Board investigators. The investigation evolves into a “kangaroo court,” but the Board’s exercise in “finger-pointing” quickly backfires as Ron exposes a “cover-up” that has corporate and City attorneys scrambling to settle.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2013 3.50