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With a cool disposition about him, Alvise Marangon is hired to protect an attractive female client. However along the way, he encounters some hurdles that can possibly affect the "contract" that he agreed to. In the quiet city of Venice, Mr. Alvise has to be a jack of all trades and think quickly of what his next move will be.

This story takes place in Venice, Italy in the eighteenth century. It is more of a drama story rather than a full blown suspense. This entire story is monotonous and the buildup did not capture the reader's imagination to want to pursue reading any further. However, with some persistence and midway through the book I was able to pick up where this story was leading. I think the main hindrance is that the story was written in "old" English and this was a major factor in the reader trying to get a grasp of the story line. Apart from the structure of the story though somehow you get a sense of calming maybe because of the scenery of Venice. In terms of the characters, I liked Alvise Marangon as he was more gentlemanly in his approach in dealing with the attitude of a pompous lady. He also has a style about him that is not a full-fledged sleuth nor a lame person.

Book Blurb for Ascension

When a young tour guide, Alvise Marangon, offers to help an English Grand Tourist, little does he know that it will lead to his being embroiled in blackmail and conspiracy. To add to his woes, he is then forcibly recruited into the city's powerful secret service to investigate a murder case. A reluctant spy he may be , but he is a gifted one.

Amidst the world of gambling dens and courtesans, something momentous is being planned for the Feast of the Ascension, Venice's most important and spectacular holiday, and it seems that only Alvise can prevent the day turning into bloody mayhem.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2017 3.00