A Soldier's Revenge

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A Soldier's Revenge

A Will Cochrane Novel

A soldier mysteriously killed his own sister and is now on the run. He is receiving secret codes from an unknown source that may hopefully have the answer to his problems. The question is what could have driven Will Cochrane to this gruesome situation?

Will Cochrane, an Englishman, finds himself in an unfortunate situation which results in him becoming a wanted fugitive. From Will’s point of view he is innocent. Will has to solve this murder on his own. However, someone is assisting him by providing secret codes that may contain the answer to solving this mystery. Before Will found himself in this mess his main goal by coming to America was to begin a new life by adopting two children of his friends who were killed.

This is an intriguing story which takes you into the mind of a former soldier. Will’s life consists of friends and foes. As the story develops it is in fact Will's friends from all corners of the world who come to his rescue. This can be confusing to the reader at times as the scenes changes frequently. However the author's purpose is to provide the reader with background of the various characters and their environment. The story ends in a thriller moment. It will have you wondering if this could be a real life mystery.

Book Blurb for A Soldier's Revenge

Former intelligence agent Will Cochrane must evade US authorities hunting him down for a murder he didn’t commit in this captivating sixth entry in the acclaimed action-thriller series.

Former operative Will Cochrane wakes up in New York’s Waldorf Astoria and is horrified to see blood on his hands—something he remembers absolutely nothing about. When he then finds a woman murdered in his bathroom he knows he’s stepped into a wilderness of terror that is far more dangerous than anything he’s ever faced.

With no memory of the night before nor of the unfortunate woman, Will believes he is being framed and needs to outrun the police who will be looking for him very soon. Until this moment, Will has been on the precipice of a new life, one outside the intelligence service, and one that includes fatherhood. He’s agreed to adopt the twin sons of his former colleague and Navy SEAL operative Roger Koenig, and had been on his way to pick them up before he’d awakened to the carnage in New York.

Will knows his only chance to clear his name is to find the real killer while he’s still free. But he also has to find the twins, suspecting that they’re in danger as well. In Virginia, he discovers one boy alive and his brother missing and most likely kidnapped. What he also finds is a secret recording of a voice that might be the killer’s. The only clue to his identity his thick European accent. With local police, the FBI, and even his friends pursuing him, the clever and ruthless operative must track down his adversary, save the boys, and prove his innocence before it’s too late.

A superb blend of action and thrills that will keep readers on the edge of their seats, A Soldier’s Revenge is perfect for fans of Brad Thor, Daniel Silva, and Lee Child.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2016 4.50