A Killing In Oil

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A Killing In Oil

A Bishop Bone Murder Mystery

Lawton is a small town located in Mississippi. This town is oil rich and thanks to development by a business hot shot known as Paul Crosby and his mother - Bonnie Mae, it has been developing into a profitable business for the town.

Bishop Bone, a lawyer, met Seth Campbell in an event to honor Paul. Bishop and his girlfriend Kathy Sullivan joined Seth and his wife Beth in their mansion to have a friendly meeting which mostly had to do with the Crosby's business operations. Bishop worked at Seth's company Campbell's enterprises which developed factory outlet centers.

Next morning unexpected news hit the town as Paul Crosby was dead. News was that he had fallen off an oil Derrick. Was it suicide or murder?

Bishop Bone was asked by an insurance company to investigate Paul's murder. Apparently Paul had two insurance policies with the company and both his wife and mother want their fair share. What's with the insurance agent? Was she involved with Paul in any way?

Now everyone that has some involvement in the Crosby business wants a piece of the insurance policy and wants a piece of Paul Crosby. Bishop Bone had the unenviable job to play detective in solving this mystery.

I enjoyed reading most of this book, however throughout this book too much time is spent in interviewing all of the characters which at times can bore the reader.

Book Blurb for A Killing In Oil

Bone has the assignment of his life though he doesn’t know it. It looks simple—a sexy young insurance executive, Sundae, asks him for an opinion on the death of oil executive Paul Crosby, with whom she’d had an affair. She prefers “suicide.” Bone says it’ll be what it is.

Lives depend on Bone's decision, including his. Bonnie Mae, Paul’s mother, needs money to complete a well. Investors and creditors threaten her. Paul's lifestyle doesn’t help. He’s never met a woman he didn’t want to bed, married or otherwise.

Troubling is a missing box of explosive string shot used in drilling wells, a terrorist weapon in the wrong hands. Did the thief kill Paul? And, there’s Preacher Abraham, Bikers for God Church, trying to con Bonnie Mae out of money she doesn’t have.

Bone is put to the test as he scrambles for the answers.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2014 3.50