The Training

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The Training

The Submissive Trilogy, #3

I enjoyed The Training. The female lead, Abby, showed that if she just submitted she could earn the hero’s trust. She never thought she had a chance with him but gave it her all. I don't know that I could go through some of the hard limits and things that he did to her. I understand the submitting and serving the man but some things I don't think I could do. I love reading about these stories and admire the women in them that they have to be strong and determined to be able to just let go. I don't think I could separate my feelings enough to understand during all that at the beginning of a relationship. I would love to be taken care of by a good man like Abby was. I look for many more books like this.


Abby had admired Nathaniel for a while and is trying to give him what he wants. She agrees to submit to him for the weekend to see if they bond during their sexual acts. She believes if she can get him to trust in her, everything will be okay.

Book Blurb for The Training

Now, in the enticing conclusion to Tara Sue Me’s Submissive Trilogy, the submissive and her dominant explore just how long they can make the pleasure last?

It started with a hidden desire.

Millionaire CEO Nathaniel West has always played by his own strict set of rules, ones he expects everyone to follow?especially the women he’s dominated in his bedroom. But his newest lover is breaking down all his boundaries and rewriting his rule book.

Abby King never imagined that she would capture the heart of Nathaniel West, one of New York City’s most eligible bachelors?and its most desirable dominant. What began as a weekend arrangement of pleasure has become a passionate romance with a man who knows every inch of her body and her soul ? yet remains an enigmatic lover. Though he is tender and caring, his painful past remains a wall between them.

Abby knows the only way to truly earn his trust is to submit to him fully and let go of all of her lingering inhibitions. Because to lead Nathaniel on a path to greater intimacy, she must first let him deeper into her world than anyone has ever gone before

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2013 3.50