The SEAL's Stolen Child

Harlequin American Romance, #1430 - Forever, Texas

The Seal's Stolen Child was good and interesting read. It is one of those stories where you wonder what clue you will find next. Eve was the spoiled only child of a rich powerful man who only wanted the best for his daughter. Garrett is a Seal who is on leave and comes home to find out some disturbing news. This book will make you laugh and cry as you realize that her father did what he thought was best for eve at the time no matter what the consequences might be.

A bit about the story: Garrett is a Seal on leave and he gets news that the baby that he and his high school girlfriend Eve had maybe still alive. Eve and Garrett team up and try to follow the trail of clues to find out if their baby is alive. They have to cope with their feelings of hurt from all these years. They both tell each other that its business only and that they are only together to find out the truth. But they can't hide their feelings whether they are good or bad.

Book Blurb for The SEAL's Stolen Child

A Man On A Mission 

He's defended his country and upheld the code of the navy SEALs, but Garrett Solomon has never faced a mission quite like this. As teenagers, he and Eve Barnesworth were passionately in love. Eve's unplanned pregnancy only deepened his commitment to her. But Eve's powerful father, fearing a scandal, whisked her away. As far as Garrett and Eve knew, their baby had died-and with it, their love. Years later, the loss and betrayal still pain Garrett deeply. 

Then comes shocking news: the child is still alive. Determined to find their stolen son, Garrett and Eve join forces. Working together is strictly business...until it isn't. Because it seems their powerful attraction-like the child they once thought was gone forever-is still very much alive.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2012 3.50