The Bridesmaid's Best Man

Harlequin Blaze #769

Angie Lawson is faced with being the bridesmaid to a bridezella. The bride was thinking everyone was trying to steal attention from her and wanted to make sure no one out shined her on her special day. I would have told her I wasn't going to be in her wedding! She wasn't very nice to her girlfriends who were her bridesmaids. There always seemed to be trouble following her.

Angie Lawson goes to a bachelorette party and doesn't want to be there, that's not her style. But since she is a bridesmaid she does it. Only she sees a familiar guy dancing at the strip club, he wants to give her a lap dance. She tries to refuse him several times and pushes him away. Guess what, it's an ex-boyfriend whom she still has feelings for. He was a cop the last time they were together. He tells her he needs her help to get him into the wedding. He needs her to find out everything she can about another bridesmaid whom he is following for her family. She pretends to have him as her boyfriend so he can investigate and go to the wedding.

Can they work things out since they have feelings for each other or do they have too many problems?

Susanna Carr’s The Bridesmaid's Best Man was an OK read for me. It wasn’t the best thing I’ve read this summer, but it was still enjoyable. Those who enjoy hot romance with a wedding theme will want to take a look at this book.

Book Blurb for The Bridesmaid's Best Man

Every bachelorette party has a surprise… 

Angie Lawson is in Bridesmaid Hell—if Hell was a strip club filled with screaming women in stilettos. But her night's about to get a whole lot worse. Now her ex-boyfriend is standing right in front of her—every sexy, delicious inch of him—and Cole Foster isn't the kind of guy that any woman can just ignore…. 

Cole's working undercover, but he certainly wasn't expecting the intimate reminder of the wicked heat that he and Angie always shared. But when the maid of honor—silver stilettos and all—is knocked unconscious, Cole realizes he needs Angie's help to get into the bridal party. And if getting there means getting her in bed, too, then he's definitely the best man for the job!

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2013 3.50