Texas Outlaws: Cole

The Texas Outlaws #3 - HB #788

I loved this series and the Lost Gun men who drive it! I've read all three and I'm reviewing two. These boys never saw what hit them. They always thought they would be in the rodeo, not tied down by a woman. They each have issues from childhood. If you enjoy contemporary western settings make sure to pick up The Texas Outlaws series…Jessy, Billy and Cole.

Cole is Pro bull riding saddle bronc star who is trying for number six. He is a single man and loving it. He is a “have fun” loving man and then moves on.

Nicole or Nikki is the last of the wild Barbie girls who are every man's dream. They never settle down.

Both Nikki and Cole are trying to avoid everybody at the wedding they are attending. They both have some drinks and decide they need each other for a pretend marriage to keep everyone away from them. Nikki is wants to become a chef in a four star restaurant and concentrate on finals, while Cole wants to keep the single women who want to snag the last of the Lost Gun boys. Then when Nikki's mom puts her plans into action it turns into a wild goose chase.

I loved how both Nikki and Cole were determined not to fall in love and just use each other to keep others away from them.

I read the other books and loved them too. I liked knowing the background on the family as well as the town. I enjoyed getting to know each brother and watching them fall in love when they least expected it. I'd like to read more books about the boys of Lost Gun and hope that they are able to continue to grow with their families.

Book Blurb for Texas Outlaws: Cole

Criminally Hot! 

Cole Chisholm is a droolworthy bronc rider, and every inch the bad boy most mothers would warn their daughters about. Which means he's exactly the guy Nicole Barbie needs. 

Nicole has carefully cultivated a rep of her own, but she's not really the bad girl everyone thinks she is. Her mother is pushing her to continue in the tradition of the wild women in their family when all Nicole wants is to focus on becoming the best chef in fifty states. Fortunately, Cole is the perfect guy for creating a sinful sensation…or at least helping with the pretense of one. 

But once these two bad reputations get together, there'll be more heat between the sheets than in all of Texas!

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2014 3.50