Sold to the Surgeon

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Sold to the Surgeon

Abigail works at a hospital and lives in the house where she grew up, with her father. After her father dies she feels alone, she has an aunt who she only met once. Abigail is engaged to Rupert who is an accountant. Rupert is very sweet and is ready to settle down but she just hasn't set the date yet.

The hospital she works at is very different and the floor is run by an old nun who’s very set in her ways. She doesn't like the new visiting doctor since he doesn't see things her way. Dr. Tall dark and sexy is known as Greg. He comes in and wants to do rounds on each patient every day and sister doesn't like it. Greg asks Rupert for some help with financial things and they make plans to go to Italy where Greg’s family lives. Greg makes it where he and Abigail have to do surgery first on someone, Greg and Abigail grow closer. Rupert spends time with another woman. Abigail and Rupert break up and Greg buys her house since she has to sell, and asks her to marry him.

I can relate to this book being a nurse and working with doctors. I enjoy reading medical romances. I first thought Abigail was a weak person since she was just settling with Rupert. Greg was a strong, alpha male who stood back and waited to show her how much he cared about her while sparks flew, and that Rupert and her weren't really attracted to each other. The writer did a great job writing the story. I know it is hard working in a place where no one wants to change anything and even if it’s for the best. I look forward to many more books by this author.

Book Blurb for Sold to the Surgeon

Her heart isn’t part of the deal…and therein lies the problem.

Between the County General ear, nose and throat department moving to a new facility and constantly cleaning up after an inept student nurse, Abigail Pointer has her hands full.

At least her life plan is on track. She’s in line to be promoted soon, and in due course she and her fiancé, Rupert, will walk down the aisle and start a family in her inherited stone cottage. Her future looks quiet, predictable, safe. If it’s a bit lacking in the romance department, who is she to complain?

The new surgical consultant on the ward, Greg Lincoln, is certainly shaking things up—and shaking her composure when a puddle of spilled milk sends both her and Dr. Tall, Dark and American landing in a tangled heap.

From that moment, Greg is a pain in Abigail’s well-ordered routine…and a breath-taking monkey-wrench in her plan to settle for a less-than-exciting life. Especially when she begins to suspect her nice, safe engagement is on shaky ground.

This Retro Romance reprint was originally published in 1988 by Mills & Boon.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2015 3.50