Silver Lined

This was a heartwarming book about two people who still love each other and were just moving on due to their differences. Lincoln is a multimillionaire and he and Ella had a relationship in the past. Ella is a rising real state agent who has moved up from where she was when she met Lincoln. Lincoln wants Ella to show him an island and Ella doesn't want to but he insists and she could make a lot of money in commission. Since Lincoln is engaged to someone else, Ella tries to resist him. It shows true love was meant to be.

I like that this was a different storyline than your usual one about people just running into each other. It was about two people who still had feelings for each other and weren't afraid to try again. I think being stranded in a storm would be terrifying and not knowing when you would be rescued would be awful.

Book Blurb for Silver Lined

Ella is a realtor by day and alone by night. Ever since breaking up with Linc, her world has been less than stellar, complete with frozen meals and a needy cat. But after two years, Ella is contacted by Linc, who is interested in purchasing an uninhabited island some three hours from their coastal town. Apparently he only trusts her. How lucky is she?

Millionaire Lincoln Ellis is engaged and looking to expand his real estate efforts. Only one realtor will do, his ex-girlfriend and the love of his life, Ella. Much to his chagrin, Ella isn’t the kind, compassionate woman she used to be. She’s angry and hostile and refuses to let him in emotionally. And he’s pretty sure he knows why. Their relationship didn’t end on a good note.

When a violent storm renders his boat useless, he and Ella have to find a common ground to survive on the island. It’s not easy with his ex holding a grudge the size of Texas and all those old feelings determined to resurface every time he gets close to her…

Night Owl Reviews May, 2014 3.50