Secrets at City Hospital

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Secrets at City Hospital

A Medical Drama Romance

Secrets at City Hospital is a book about Rachel whom has just become a doctor. He is working at City Hospital on the maternity ward for her first days and it starts off crazy.

She meets a nurse midwife named Grant and snaps at him. He tells her that she must make it up to him with drinks or dinner. She and Grant spend time together and she has feelings for him, he has feelings for her but doesn't want to start a relationship because he is leaving in 12 wks for Africa. He had a brother Andrew whom was a surgeon who died at an early age due to no medical care in Africa and he wants a hospital to be built there. He has a foundation and is only working a contract at City maternity until he leaves for Africa. He fights his feelings for Rachel and tries to tell her that he isn't interested. That is until he realizes that life without Rachel won’t be worth living.

This was an enjoyable read. I did wish that there had been more sparks between these two and some added sensual sex scenes to round out the love story. Overall, enjoyable and worth the time.

Book Blurb for Secrets at City Hospital

Spilt coffee, broken down car, laddered tights! Rachel's first day on duty as doctor in the busy maternity department at City Hospital couldn't have started any worse. Thrown in at the deep end and with an emergency to deal with, the last thing she needs is the spark of attraction she feels for capable male midwife Grant. She'd given up on relationships but she can't help falling for Grant even though it becomes clear he's hiding something – a second life?

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2012 3.50