One Hot Cowboy Wedding

Spikes & Spurs

I loved this book! It was one of those that I will read again and again. I didn't want to put One Hot Cowboy Wedding down. It was the first book I've read by Carolyn Brown, but will not be my last. I’ll be hunting down more cowboys by Ms. Brown.

Ace Riley is one smoking hot rich cowboy who needs to find a wife fast. He has just a year to do the dead or he won’t inherit his uncle's ranch, that's the stipulation. If he doesn’t his no-good city slicker cousin gets it and will sell it off to whoever is the highest bidder. Ace works on the ranch and wants it for himself. He must find a wife in name only and stay with her a year. He has no intentions of settling down, he's a player and breaks women's hearts. He is best friends with Jasmine who owns a restaurant and who has no intentions of settling down either. Jasmine agrees to marry him and they'll divorce a year later. Their friendship will remain the same. They both realize after being married to each that they have feelings for each other. They try everything to fight the sexual tension and attraction to each other.

Book Blurb for One Hot Cowboy Wedding

A marriage made in Vegas...

Hunky cowboy Ace Riley wasn't planning on settling down, but his family had other plans for him...The only way to save his hide, and his playboy lifestyle, is to discreetly marry his best friend, Jasmine King.

Can't possibily last...

Fiesty city–girl Jasmine as just helping out her friend—that is, until their first kiss stirs up a whole mess of trouble, and suddenly discretion is thrown to the wind.

One hot cowboy, one riled up woman...

And they'll be married for a year, like it or not!

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2012 4.50