Mission: Seduction

Harlequin Blaze #764 - Uniformly Hot!

Rafe is a brave military man who has been wounded in action. But he didn't give up hope. He has had the encouragement of one woman who he met and is pen pals with. She invites him to come to her sister’s private island resort to rehab and rest. He meets the sister Kelly and there is an attraction between the two. He feels guilty because he went there with the invitation of the others sister who hasn't arrived yet.

Kelly shows him how yoga and other things can help him get stronger and encourages him to continue to try. He wants to explain to the other sister first before becoming involved with Kelly, but is unable to get in touch with her due to being out of the country. Kelly wants Rafe to return the feelings she has for him. She is tired of being the one who cleans up her family’s messes and the go between in her family. Can Kelly convince Rafe its okay to go with his feelings since her sister isn't there and has a fling?

Once again the Blaze books never let me down. I couldn't put this book down and hope there are more books to this series. This was packed with emotion and had an admirable hero who was brave enough to fight for his country and do what he thought was right.

Book Blurb for Mission: Seduction

Subject: Marine Lieutenant Rafe McCawley 

Mission: Seduce the woman who saved him. But does he have the right one? 

A breathtaking island resort is perfect for Rafe McCawley to relax, recover…and enjoy the woman whose emails kept him sane during his previous tour. But instead, Rafe is greeted by her stunning sister, Kelly Callahan—pro surfer, resort owner and (God help him) hot enough to set the ocean itself ablaze…. 

But Rafe doesn't know the whole truth. Kelly had been the one behind the emails. And she'll tell him…as soon as she can get her libido under control! 

The heat between them is immediate. It's red-hot. And wrong or right, it won't be denied…. 

Uniformly Hot!  

The Few. The Proud. The Sexy as Hell.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2013 4.00