Miss Conception

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Miss Conception

I enjoyed Miss Conception. Its basic theme is two people who fell in love with each other as teenagers get another chance at love. Add in a medical theme and the author hooked me.

Staci was always the smart girl and knew what she wanted. So Derek knew he'd hold her back if their relationship progressed.

Staci is now a fertility specialist and helps people conceive by artificial ways if needed. She is surprised when Derek comes in her office and wants to have a surrogate mom to have a baby. Derek is now a bad boy billionaire and doesn't let anyone get close. He and Staci are thrown together at friends’ houses and holidays. They have to be in a wedding together and they have to talk. Can things ever work out between them? Will Derek find a surrogate to have his baby?

I really loved Miss Conception. The baby and nurse were up my alley. After reading this book I hope we get to hear more about the Deverax families.

Book Blurb for Miss Conception

One night on a beach, four years ago, Derek Macgregor ran from his childhood crush, Staci Devereaux knowing he had nothing to offer her then. Since then, Staci has avoided Derek whenever possible. Now Staci, one of California’s leading fertility specialists is tired of waiting for Derek to realize they belong together.

When Derek decides to have a child without the hassle of commitment, he asks Staci to perform the procedure on the surrogates he has chosen. After several hiccups with the surrogates, Derek is frustrated and leaves Staci’s office feeling depressed.

Thinking that Derek has moved on in life and is never going to change, Staci decides it’s time she had a child of her own to love. Staci volunteers to surrogate for a friend of hers and decides to have a baby of her own at the same time. No one needs to know that the father of her child is none other than California’s own, Bad Boy Billionaire, Derek Macgregor.

Things get complicated when Staci has a weak moment one evening after her friend’s wedding. Derek is sure that the child Staci is carrying is his. The question is how long can Staci keep the father of her child a secret? Will Derek’s love turn to hate because of her betrayal?

*This book is a stand alone, complete story but can be considered a continuation of the mentioned secondary characters in 'It's Always Been You'. Thank you.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2014 4.00