Just Say Yes

Lucy is a gopher to an executive advertisement manager. She is the one who is told to go get this or that and do this or that. One day she goes to the deli down the block to get lunch for her office and she sees a cute guy. The line is long so she has a while to check him out.

Josh is just your average guy who doesn’t stop at anything to get what he wants. He meets Lucy and they both see each other, but they can never make any commitments or promises to each other. The first few times they have dates she wonders if he's worth it. Josh is on a reality TV show and has a surprise in store for Lucy. How will she react to his surprise TV proposal?

Just Say Yes is a good read and goes to show that the media is crazy when it comes to actors and TV shows. In this case Lucy and Josh have to deal with all of that and find true love as well. I'm glad I'm not famous, I'm a private person and don't want everyone to know my every move. Everyone deserves their privacy and shouldn't be hounded all the time and they should have their own opinion and choice in life of what they want to do or how they want to live. Overall this is an interesting look into the lives of characters in the media and how they overcome all that and find a lasting love.

Book Blurb for Just Say Yes

Lucy Gibson is stunned when her famous reality TV-star boyfriend proposes to her on live television. Although flattered, she rejects his proposal and escapes to a secluded cottage owned by the handsome Josh Standring. Although he may not capture the hearts of millions of viewers, he captures the one heart that matters-and amidst the chaos of proposals, paparazzi, and passion, Josh and Lucy discover that when you know you have found The One, it is so easy to just say yes.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2012 3.50