Just Right

The Bradfords, Book 1

Just Rite is a funny, contemporary romance that is good on giving lots of detail about each character. It makes you want to read the series to find out about each book. This book has great writing and a great story.

In this book Jessica is the oldest sibling who now is dependable, responsible and has taken care of her younger siblings since father died. She is an ER nurse who always does everything she is supposed to do and everyone always likes her because she does the right thing. She doesn't date or go out and usually is home on the weekends doing housework or watching TV.

Then there is Ben, the sexy, rebellious ER surgeon who is the complete opposite who fly’s by the seat of his pants. Jessica has had a crush on him for years. Ben doesn't feel like being a surgeon is worthwhile anymore due to bad people living and good people getting hurt or dying.

I really liked this book and can't wait to read the whole series.

Book Blurb for Just Right

If only he wasn’t so good at being bad…

Dr. Ben Torres, better-than-a-Boy-Scout, surgeon extraordinaire, has been interested in ER nurse Jessica Bradford—and her bright red peek-a-boo thong—for a long time now. But punching a patient in the nose—and the subsequent suspension—is probably not the best way to get on her good side.

Or is it?

Jessica is one step away from the big promotion she’s worked for all her professional life, and now everything rides on her ability to keep Dr. Perfect—aka handsome, heroic Ben—on a short leash until the potential lawsuit blows over. And to keep her raging crush on him under wraps.

First order of business is to pry her knight in shining scrubs’ perfect ass off a bar stool. Except he refuses to move until she agrees to—and then loses—a bet for 48 hours of her undivided attention.

It’s all downhill from there. And despite herself, Jessica can’t help but give in to the temptation to go down with him…

Warning: Contains hot love in a store dressing room and in the front seat of a car—at the expense of a very nice strawberry patch, unfortunately—oh, and hooker boots. Can’t forget the hooker boots.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2012 4.00