I Cross My Heart

Sons of Chance - Blaze #751

I Cross My Heart is about two people helping each other out and overcoming some of their baggage. Readers are in for a hot sexy treat in I Cross My Heart. I really enjoyed both characters. The sex and attraction between these two is hot. If you enjoy ranch stories do give this one a try.

Bethany is a self-help guru who has written books. Her books have been bought by millions.

Nash was hurt by his first wife and she always quoted things from Bethany's books to him. So from the start he's against Bethany. He says she ruined his life.

Bethany has returned to her hometown after her father's death to get the ranch ready to sale and move on with her life. She doesn't want the ranch as it has too many bad memories. Nash works at a ranch close by there and his foreman notices smoke. So he sends him to check it out. He expects to find kids but instead he finds a woman burning a chair. He agrees to help her get the ranch fixed up so she can put it on the market. He hopes she'll let him buy it from her.

They both have ghost to overcome and neither are expecting anything to become of their fling.

I loved that Bethany was able to giving a cowboy a dream his dream. Nash really wanted his own ranch. She doesn't want to stay there. Can he change her mind? This book shows when you belong to a community the type of support and help you can get.

Book Blurb for I Cross My Heart

A deal with a devilishly sexy cowboy... 

Self-help guru Bethany Grace has returned home to clean up the now-decrepit family ranch after her father's death. Rather than just set the whole place ablaze (her first choice), she settles for nice symbolic little blaze outside...until things get out of hand! 

Cowboy Nash Bledsoe is working at the Last Chance Ranch next door when he sees the smoke. Bethany is the last person he expects-or wants-to see. How can he explain that she's indirectly responsible for ruining his life? 

Still, there's an opportunity for Nash to buy the ranch if he can help restore it, and the two strike a deal. But there's a whole lot of chemistry in the fine print, and Nash is about to discover that where there's smoke, there's fire!

Night Owl Reviews May, 2013 4.00