Getting Wild

Getting Wild is a tropical beauty of a story set in the Australian outback. Readers are in for a real adventure. This story was great to follow. You get to explore as you go.

Ella, the heroine, had an ice and fire personality. You never knew what was coming next. Where Ella was an inner city girl Ryan was an adventurous alpha male. Ella had strength and was stubborn but successful.

I found Getting Wild a heartwarming story. Ryan has a job offer for Ella. He wants her to cohost with him. It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity and she knows it will be trouble. But she also knows she should do it even if it’s out of her comfort zone. Readers get to follow these two through that adventure and do a bit of armchair travel for themselves.

Book Blurb for Getting Wild

The Devil Wears Prada meets Man vs Wild in this fast-paced romantic comedy set in the no-holds-barred world of travel journalism.

When Ella Jameson steps into a room, people scramble to attention. She’s ruthless, terrifying, and untouchable — and very, very successful as Editor-in-Chief of Australia’s top travel magazine.

Then Ryan Edwards, adventure traveller, walks into her office with an unexpected job proposal, and Ella just knows he’s going to be trouble. As far as she’s concerned, the man’s a self-indulgent, kamikaze, adrenaline-junkie with an authority complex — and he’s also infuriatingly sexy! The idea of them working together is ludicrous, but the opportunity to co-host a new travel show is just too good to refuse.

As she is swept from her world of inner-city glamour into a nightmare of camping, crocodiles, and outback adventures, Ella’s feelings for Ryan begin to heat up, and her walls start to come down. In the tropical beauty of Australia’s Top End, it’s not just the weather that’s going to sizzle...

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2014 3.50