Free Fall

Harlequin Blaze 757 - Uniformly Hot!

Free Fall is a heart-warming story about two people whose paths had crossed earlier as children and they didn't know it. Maggie had grown up on Whimbey Island and loved it, she has wonderful childhood memories. She left and moved as far away as she could so that she could get away from the hurt of a man. She comes back to Whimbey Island and meets Jack a fighter pilot while taking pictures of Orca whales. Then she discovers he is living in the cottage behind her house. She fights her attraction to him because she's only here for a short while before leaving and she doesn't plan on staying there. Jack was transferred there. He also has great memories from his childhood there. He tells Maggie how he feels, but she pushes him away saying she doesn't plan on staying. Maggie had to come to terms and get rid of the bitterness of her home and her finance lying to her and get passed that. Can Jack get her to feel different? Can Jack convince her to stay? Will they find true love together?

I love these fighter pilot books and can't wait to get my hands on the next one.

Book Blurb for Free Fall


Lt. Commander Jack Callahan


A high-flying maneuver…with tantalizing perks!

Being stationed at a naval base on Whidbey Island is a dream come true for Navy pilot Jack Callahan. But when a late-night encounter on a beach with a stunning woman turns scorchin' hot, Jack's dream starts resembling an X-rated fantasy….

Three weeks in her hometown is nothing short of torture for photographer Maggie Copeland. The town hasn't forgotten she was dumped at the altar by an aviator, and neither has she—until her naughty rendezvous with the oh-so-scrumptious stranger! But then Maggie learns that Jack is a pilot. Can she resist the force of their sexual chemistry…or will she find herself falling for another flyboy?

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2013 4.00