Bringing Home the Bachelor

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Bringing Home the Bachelor

The Bolton Brothers, #3

Bringing Home the Bachelor is a good 3.5 star story and the latest in the hot and sexy bad biker series. Billy's has a big brawly body with tattoos and looks that usually send most people running. He was a bad boy growing up and now is trying just to work at the family Chopper business. Then his brother puts him in the limelight by filming him making a bike at the reservation. He isn't happy but does it for the business. Jenny who lives on the reservation and teaches there is excited that they are having an auction to raise money for the school by building a bike and having a bachelor auction. Seth, Jenny son, helps Billy out working on the bike. Jenny is worried he will learn bad things from Billy.

Bringing Home the Bachelor has a good story line and family values. I liked how the family revolved around their business instead of going their separate ways. I’ve read the other 2 books about the other brothers and can say this book stands alone without any problems. I hope we hear more about this series and family. I liked hearing about the reservation and enjoyed that the business was donating the bike and the money made from it to the school to help it grow. The sexual tension between Billy and Jenny was sizzling.

Book Blurb for Bringing Home the Bachelor

In this Bolton Brothers novel, Sarah M. Anderson shows how one single mom at a bachelor auction can bring home the wildest ride of her life! 

Jenny Wawasuck knows that "Wild" Billy Bolton is all wrong for a good girl like her. But then she sees the bond Billy forms with her son—and feels how Billy's touch burns her skin, how his kiss ignites desires she's long ignored. So she brings him home from the charity bachelor auction. 

Now Billy has one night to stake his claim. But in a world filled with blackmailers and gold diggers, can a millionaire bad boy and a sweet single mom turn one chance into forever?

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2013 3.50