Bases Loaded

Mustangs Baseball #3

I must say I love the Mustangs Baseball series. I’ve read them all and want to read many more by this author. Each story can stand-alone, but I encourage readers to start from the beginning… you can download Free Agent for free in the Free Reads section of Nigh Owl Reviews!

This book isn't for those who don't like to read about menage or BSDM. The name of the book tells you what will happen alone. Antonio is a professional baseball player for the Mustangs. He was traded to the team this year and is trying to find what he wants in life. He's ready to stop the one night stands and find someone he can spend the rest of his life with. He attends a benefit that one of the players has sponsored for children and he sees a beautiful woman that catches his eye. He knows she's the one, but can he convince her?

Claire is nothing like Tony's other women. She thinks he's making it all a joke by trying to get her to like him. Tony bids on all the things that he and Claire can do as a couple. Can he convince her to join him?

Claire heard about Tony being in a club called "Bases Loaded" and wants to be a member. Tony doesn't want her to and she tries to convince him of that in every way. Tony is determined to show her otherwise even if he has to ask his buddies for some help. Claire is determined. Will she get her way and run the bases or strike out?

Book Blurb for Bases Loaded

Antonio Ramirez is ready to leave his wild reputation behind in New York and adopt a more respectable life with the Texas Mustangs. When he spies the woman of his dreams at a Fundraiser—its love at first sight. Convincing Clare Kincaid that he’s sincere is harder than he expected. Giving Clare what she wants could wreck his career and compromise his feelings for her.

When super sexy Antonio Ramirez approaches her, Clare is sure he’s playing a cruel game, but the Mustangs new Center Fielder won’t take no for an answer. She might be convinced of his sincerity if only he would invite her to play the one game she longs to play.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2013 4.50