Bared to Him

This is another great book by Sierra Cartwright.

Myka is a professional hard working woman whom meets an attractive man on the elevator to work. She doesn't know who he is but she feels a need for a connection.

Phillip is a millionaire and likes to play around at a BDSM club. He receives an invitation of Myka's to show her his world. He has to decide whether to or not and then see how he feels afterwards?

I felt that Phillip was the alpha Dom who he played being. He did a good job and Myka did a pretty good job acting as his sub. Myka has never experienced the BDSM world and wants to give it a try. The first time she let her emotions show a little more than she should.

Personally I 'm learning more and more about the BSDM world with each title I read. I don’t think I would enjoy most of it, but I like reading about it. I can't wait until the next book by Sierra comes out.

Book Blurb for Bared to Him

Tempted by the billionaire…

When stern, handsome, powerful, and rich Phillip Dettmer offers to all make Myka Monroe’s BDSM fantasies come true, she’s oh so tempted. She has always dreamed of being with a man who would be relentless in his expectations, a Dom who will push her to the edge, giving her the climaxes she craves and the bondage she needs.

But she had never imagined that Phillp Dettmer would lay her bare to him, mentally and emotionally as well as sexually, or that the experience would change her life forever, leaving her stronger and more able to ask for what she needs…

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2013 4.00