Arizona Cowboy

Harlequin American Romance, #1389

Arizona Cowboy by Marin Thomas was a good read about a cowboy named Clint who never had a family. He was raised in foster homes till the age of 16 and then he ran away. He ended up on the Five Star Ranch with a man named P.T. who sent his daughter, Rachel, away at age 5. Rachel’s mom was killed on horseback. She was sent off to live with her aunt in the city. P.T. thought he was doing what was best for Rachel in not letting her get hurt. He pushed her away never visiting or telling her how he felt or that he loved her. He was diagnosed with prostate cancer and had to go in for treatment for 3 months at a clinic away from his ranch. P.T. ran a ranch and Five Star Rodeo with the help of Clint. When P.T was going for his treatments he wanted to show or try to get back in Rachel's life. So he asked her to come to the ranch and run the rodeos for him. Clint who helped all these years was hurt by this as he thought that he should be running the place. He vowed to let Rachel fail on her own and not help her. That is until he fell in love. But he was afraid to love her and tell her due to his fear of rejection of not being loved back.

The story was kind of slow at first. I felt the character’s could've have expressed their feeling for each other better. Another thing I thought this story needed was a bit more steamy sex scenes. Still I did enjoy the cowboy theme and the overall storyline. In the end we do get our happily ever after.

Book Blurb for Arizona Cowboy

Rachel Lewis is a bona fide city slicker. Still, when her estranged father asks for her help, she ends up in dusty Stagecoach, Arizona, to manage his rodeo company for the summer. Being clueless about rough stock is nothing, though, compared to the confused feelings Rachel has for sexy ranch foreman Clint McGraw.because he's also her main competitor for her father's affections.

Clint can hardly believe it when his boss hands over the reins to his long-gone daughter. What the heck does a spoiled city girl like Rachel know about rodeo? Why, she's crazy enough to offer a competition event to women bull riders! And for sure she's going to nudge her way back into her father's heart-leaving Clint high and dry. Even so, he can't help falling hard for Rachel.

But only one of them can be the head honcho of this round-up!

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2012 3.50