A Long Time Comin'

A Toys-4-Us Title

A Long Time Comin' by Cerise DeLand was smokin' HOT. This book was about Cait who decided this time when John came home on his break from Delta forces she's going to finally get the courage to let him know she wants him. She goes to a sex toy party with her girlfriends and buys something's she wants him to experiment on her with before he comes in for a visit for his sister's wedding. Cait has them laid out for him to see and thinks he sees them before he really does. He tells her he wants to go out to dinner with just her so they can spend some time alone before they leave for the wedding. Cait is excited and can't wait. He saw a dress that she had the last visit and wants her to wear it for their date. She does and then he tells her how great she looks in it and how beautiful she is and that he wants her and he planned on telling her this trip. They have hot steamy sex and they have a huge fight. He's scared that he won't come home from a mission and doesn't want to hurt her. He leaves this time with her mad at him, they're both miserable. He comes home for leave again and knows that he wants her to be his and his only. He visits her and she tells him he has 5 minutes. Will he be able to change her mind about them having a future?

This book was a great read. It made me mad when he left with them fighting because of his fear, but he got the help he needed and was able to work thru it and move on. I look forward to reading more books written by Cerise DeLand.

Book Blurb for A Long Time Comin'

A sex toy party with her six sassy gal pals? Caitlyn Hagerty is IN! Getting that tingly feeling just looking at the goodies, Cait buys four and screws up her courage to commit to one dynamite plan. She'll show them to the only man in her life she gets all hot and wet for-and who has no idea he's the one man she's craved for too damn long. When Delta Force hunk John Ramos flies home on R&R, Cait promises herself to seduce Ram-or cut him from her life forever.

Ram spots the risque items on Cait's bed and realizes his claim of her voluptuous body has been too long comin'. It's time to treat her right. Fess up to what he's wanted all these years. Take Cait into his chaotic life-for one wild night.

And if she wants more?

She has to know that time is not on their side. Right?

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2011 4.00