Wings is a collection of 4 different stories, by 4 different authors. Like all good anthologies there is a connecting theme. This one is Angels. Whether dark, fallen or new the tales range from a vampire to an elemental. With, of course, the appropriate amounts of lust thrown in. The editor did a good job choosing these tales for the balance they provided, while I got to enjoy some new authors I might not have ordinarily tried out. Great Read!

Book Blurb for Wings

Claim love in the northern forest in Sarah Kades' novella of an angel in training. Awaken an immortal lover trapped in marble in Tara S. Nichols' gripping story. Walk between the worlds of angels and demons in Anastasia Rabiyah's high fantasy tale of loss and dark magic. Discover an elemental lover in Brieanna Robertson's Honey Wine. WINGS, an anthology of four winged heroes destined to find true love.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2011 4.00