The Helix War

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The Helix War

The Helix War consists of 2 books. In the first book Marseguro, imagine the most prejudiced person you have ever had the misfortune to work with. Now, give them not only the power to fire you, but to actually kill anyone that disagrees with them. Then, give them power over the entire world. Extend that hatred to anyone who is different in appearance or belief. Scared yet? Now, throw in (prior to this persons rise to power) geneticists that not only make food plants that are drought resistant, but also able to modify animal and human DNA so that living creatures can thrive in climates and on worlds that are not as friendly as Earth. What happens when you combine these two different cultures? Progroms and extermination. So, of course, everyone who could (especially if they were genetically modified) fled Earth for a planet that they hoped would provide a safe harbor. Unfortunately, hatred never rests or relinquishes its hold. Throw in coming of age, redemption, love (familial and romantic – subtle though, thank you!) and looking for acceptance. You end up with a novel that could be very messy (rather like life) but Edward manages to tie everything together for us and prepare us for the second book. The science is believable and the psychology is very well done.

For the second book, we are reminded that hatred never sleeps. The psychotic little idiot who started the whole thing is back and still convinced that his paranoia is justified. The warning’s planted in book one about the insanity brought about by the gene bomb mentioned in book one are demonstrated in book two. We have a culture that is willing to risk their very survival to do the right thing. The plague has escaped back to Earth, thanks to the conniving of Keating. The surviving Selkies have sent the vaccine to Earth to save whatever survivors are still alive. Unfortunately, The Body still exists and is more interested in control and destruction than before. We are also introduced to two different tribes of modies that have survived in hiding on Earth. No, they are not allies, thanks (in part) to the insanity triggered by the gene bomb. How do you survive and build when not only your main enemy, but the very people that should be your allies want to exterminate you and your entire planet? This was great!

Book Blurb for The Helix War

This omnibus edition brings together both books of the post- Apocalyptic series about an Earth ruled by religious zealots and a distant world that is humankind's last, best hope...

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2012 4.00