The Boys Upstairs

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The Boys Upstairs

I have an issue with weak female characters. There are too many in the world. They make me look bad. It starts off with the mother wanting to get a gift for her son's, but being upset because the father can't be there to help make the decision (translation, make the decision for her). Things begin to go wrong after she makes the decision herself (I don't know, maybe punishment for daring to actually make a decision?). If you don't mind a weak lead (or prefer that) then you will be able to enjoy this book.

I enjoyed the alien's way of taking over the world, definitely a bit of Twilight Zone and Tommyknockers feel to it. Fair warning, not a happy ending involved.

Book Blurb for The Boys Upstairs

What if an alien race could invade our world through means of a video game?

The crisis originates when an unknown object crashes into the Wendell’s Game Factory. An invasion unknown to humans begins. After Mae Riley purchases the game Alien’s Revenge for her sons Mike and Ian, corruption takes place on the farm.

Mae first begins to notice a change in the boys when warning signs are posted on their bedroom door. As the weeks progress, hideous crimes are committed on the farm and the entire town of Maple Springs is under siege. Mae and her husband Frank Riley, the last sane people left in town, must avoid danger and death in order to save humanity. 

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2011 3.25