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Revamped is a very pleasant and different take on the traditional Vampire story. The main character is easy to understand. She comes from our time and has a background that most of us can understand. She is not hundreds of years old with the accumulated wisdom of that kind of life span. She is, essentially, human; makes mistakes and doesn't understand all the rules. That is something many of the current crop of Vampire books leave out, the humanity. This did set up an interesting premise, if a vampire is hundreds of years old (with hundreds of years sticking with the same habits) how do you reintroduce them to the world? I would look forward to visiting with Sabrena again.

Additional notes for those with Kindles: Because of the addition of the picture on each page, it took a long time for my kindle to load each page due to the increased file size. Also, there was a glitch on page 319. Two pages tried to show at one time.

Book Blurb for Revamped

Sabrena is a cutthroat...

...but only when it comes to business. She’s a leading expert at revamping Hollywood careers and she’s poised to take a bite from the talk show circuit with her very own version.

She has a softer side, though. In fact, she refuses to sink her teeth into anything fleshier than a designer shoe sale...well, let’s just say emergencies don’t count.

All in all, things are bumping along just swell. But what she soon finds out is that trouble has lurked around her new existence like stink since day one...

Night Owl Reviews May, 2011 4.00