Pretty Souls

The Paranormal Response Team, #1

A wonderful first effort.

Ms. Particka manages to have teenagers that are complex, conflicted and realistic. Just like real teenagers. Dealing with body image issues, insecurities and trying to present a normal image in the hopes that everyone (including themselves) will begin to believe they are normal. I know adults that still do that!

She also manages to deal with a werewolf and a vampire while covering complications that are usually just skimmed over in most books. What does happen to the young soon to be vampire/werewolf after the attack that kills their family, leaving them orphans and not so lucky survivors? This is dealt with in a realistic and sympathetic way while also managing to show some of the emotional issues of being in the foster care system, without turning it into a pity party.

Good job. What's next?

Book Blurb for Pretty Souls

My life followed a simple pattern.

Run to keep my inner wolf asleep. Make sure my blood-sucking foster sister, Cass, feeds. Hunt for supernatural trouble when we should be sleeping. Keep my grades up and my head down.

It was mostly a game.

Until people started wandering around like living zombies. Until people I care about started getting hurt. Until the menace came knocking on my front door.

Game’s over.

Time for the soul-stealer to realize just because he’s hunting something doesn’t make it prey.

Cass and I bite back.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2011 4.50