Defying The Covenants

Book #3

Defying the Covenants is told in a very quiet voice that manages to pretty accurately represent many of the issues that females had at the time this story takes place (not being taken seriously, good only as an ornament, being totally dependent on the men in your life) without becoming a man hating rant. This particular book was well written enough that even though it is book 3 of a series, it can (and does) stand very well on its own. I really enjoyed that it wasn't necessary to read the previous books to be able to follow the story in this book. Good Job! That is a trick that many writers don't succeed at. We get to see the main character grow from an almost childlike helplessness into a strong individual. This happens (like most lessons in life) through loss and pain, but she doesn't allow herself to be crushed by the bad things. Not that she is relentlessly cheerful, she isn't, and she just has to deal with the loss and betrayal in a realistic way. Well enough written, I am interested in seeing what else this particular author has.

Book Blurb for Defying The Covenants

As the Conclave prepares to confront the Russian renegade Grigori Volkonsky, Marguerite von Wittershiem has been shunted aside. Her husband and mentors hope to keep her out of danger by assigning her the unglamorous task of protecting the written lore of their people.

But their plans go awry when a traitor within the Conclave betrays them all to the enemy. As the most powerful vampires in Europe fall to Volkonsky’s minions, Marguerite must find not only the strength to stand alone but the ability to withstand the greatest threat that the hidden world of vampires has ever faced. If she fails, the immortal races and humanity will be destroyed.

In order to ward the Covenants as she has sworn, Marguerite must be prepared to defy them as well.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2011 4.00