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Sekhmet's Light, #1

This is a well-researched book and you will learn some Egyptian words while reading it. I found this very interesting.

The main character doesn’t look like me at all so I wasn’t able to imagine myself as her, but the author did a great job of in description. All I can say is I’m not tall and lean with an angular face and dark hair long enough to brush the waistband of my pants when pulled back in a ponytail. The research done shows in the work and was very thorough, while the descriptions are clear enough that this should be a graphic novel. Even though the characters are adults, the way subject matter is handled well and this is safe for early teens. This story might help inspire a new generation of Indiana Jones wannabes.

Book Blurb for Akhet

It is a season of waning and little is certain. Akhet, The Inundation. The world is changing, Gods of old stir, and their agents work behind the scenes to fulfill their masters' commands. Who will have the courage to stand for The Light when darkness rises to swallow the world? Doctor Nicole Salem is a beautiful and brilliant Egyptologist who is working on a dig outside Luxor, Egypt when she is confronted by her own destiny. She is plunged into a world of divided loyalties, intrigue, and treachery that will destroy her and everything she knows if she isn't strong enough. Nicole must learn how to survive in a war between elder powers that claim her life and soul as their own, and earn the title of Sekhmet's Light.

Sekhmet's Light Series - To Be Read in Order: 1-Akhet / 2-Peret / 3-Shomu

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2012 4.00