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Empire in Black and Gold - Shadows of the Apt 1

Empire in Black and Gold: Shadows of the Apt 1 is the debut book by Adrian Tchaikovsky and the first installment in his new fantasy trilogy. It’s an interesting epic fantasy that focuses on a war between insect-kin races. A land and p...

4 Stars

Earth Ascendant - Astropolis Series #2

This is the second book in the Astropolis series and I would strongly recommend starting with the first book before reading this one. It is an epic soap opera military science fiction story that has a lot of twists. A lot happens in a short...

3 Stars

The Battle Sylph - Sylph book 1

The Battle Sylph is the debut novel by L.J. McDonald. This is one of those books that you read expecting one thing and get something else entirely. It is a great blend of fantasy with a tinge of romance. The romance doesn’t overly dom...

  • Author: L. J. McDonald
  • Review by: Sharon
  • Genre: Romance
  • Tags:
  • Publisher: DP

Except the Queen

Except the Queen by Jane Yolen and Midori Snyder is a book that is considered YA fantasy, but is just as enjoyable for adults. This is one of those books that takes a typical stereotype and twists it. Instead of a human becoming lost in the...

  • Authors: Jane Yolen, Midori Snyder
  • Review by: Sharon
  • Genre: YA
  • Tags: * Young Adult, * Fantasy
  • Publisher: Penguin Group

There are 54 results matching your search criteria.