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Lurin's Surrender

Bounty Hunter and Captain, Mara Seni doesn't question the jobs she's hired to do she just does them as quickly and expediently as possible.  That is until she is hired to track and capture Lurin Vez, alleged rapist and murderer, and re...

4 Stars

Cattle Valley Days - Book twelve in the Cattle Valley Series

YEE HAW!!!  It's time for Cattle Valley Days again in our favorite GLBT-friendly community by Carol Lynne.  The twelfth installment of Ms. Lynne's Cattle Valley series, Cattle Valley Days, finds our favorite men; Ryan, Rio and Nat...


Naughty Fantasies

In Jade James' latest offering to lovers of erotica, Jolie Amato has done the worst thing possible.  She lost the journal in which she has recorded all of her most private carnal fantasies.   She has to write them down becaus...

4 Stars

Kissing Stone

In Tielle St Clare's new release, Kissing Stone, Kit Bauman was running away from reality when she ran into a Irish knick-knack shop and a tiny man, who sold her a piece of rock he claims is part of the Blarney Stone.  Now Kit finds he...


Amethyst Dreams - Sequel to Amethyst Moon.

In Amethyst Dreams, N.J. Walter's second story in her Amethyst Series,  Dr. Augustine Mitchell is having a difficult time with life when she should be on top of the world . Ever since her best friend Olivia disappeared four years...

4 Stars


Carol Lynne's latest release, Reunion, rejoins her Men in Love series eleven years after the end of Tortured Souls.  Thirty years ago Gabe's mother left him sitting on a bench outside a pharmacy in Cheyenne, Wyoming.   F...


Extinction - Book One in the Refuge Shifters Series

Jack McBain has spent most of his life trying to track a myth. Jack's grand-father used to tell stories about the Beothuk Indians, a tribe supposedly wiped out by European settlers. According to the legend the Beothuk were not wiped out, bu...

5 Stars

There are 57 results matching your search criteria.