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Charlotte Court's family has owned Court Industries for over 100 years. Still, she would give up all the wealth and privileges she has to save her father's life. He is dying of cancer. Charlotte has been spending every hour she possibly can...

4 Stars

My Best Friend's Girl - Trade Size and PB Size

This book has it all; drama, heartache, laughter and love. I couldn't wait to read what happened next yet I was hurting for all of the characters and wanted their pain to stop. These characters were real and became friends. Adele and Kamryn...

4 Stars

His Dark and Dangerous Ways

Miss Jane Chatham was born to lower gentry. Unfortunately, her parents died and a cousin has inherited the family estates and Jane is not welcome. Making her way to London, Jane is determined to find respectable employment. She is currently...

4 Stars


It's 1829 in London and Number 7 on Berkeley Square is getting ready for Sir Geoffrey and his family's arrival. They have been traveling abroad for the past few years as Sir Geoffrey worked on several diplomatic missions for the crown. With...

3 Stars

Sweet Surrender

Grayson (Gray) Montgomery was recovering from being shot. His partner on the Dallas police force and life long friend, Alex, had been killed. While waiting for his final physical and psych evaluation, he is approached by Alex's father, Mick...

4 Stars
  • Author: Maya Banks
  • Review by: Terri
  • Genre: HOT Romance
  • Tags: * SPICY: HOT Romance, * Contemporary, * Romantic Suspense
  • Publisher: Berkley

The Romance Readers' Book Club

This book starts on Oct 31, 1974 in rural Georgia. The main character Tammi Lynn Elco is 15 and strangely enough so was I. Okay, I was 15 on Oct 31st but I turned 16 on Nov 2nd and I didn't live in rural Georgia but in rural southern Maryla...

2 Stars

Forever in Your Embrace

This book is set in Russia and starts in August 1620. There is some kind of heat wave going on. The first few chapters all of the characters complain of the heat and the lack of rain. Countess Synnovea Zenkovna is the daughter of Russian am...

2 Stars

The Elusive Flame

It's October 24, 1825 and Cerynis Kendall is once again pretty much alone in the world. Years before her parents had died. Her sole living relative, an academic uncle, turned her guardianship over to a family friend, Lydia Winthrope. Lydia...

4 Stars

The Legacy

The Legacy is set in Wittenberg, Germany. The year is 1525 and the Protestant Reformation has started. With it comes power struggles and revolts. The church influences daily life and beliefs. Women have little power or wealth. Baronesse Sab...

4 Stars

Heart of Light

Heart of Light is based in the Victorian British Empire. However, this Empire has magical abilities. In Europe, thanks to Charlemagne, the noble houses have some degree of magical ability. In the rest of the world most people have at least...


Into the Mist

This book has a wonderful and interesting premise. A magical town, Renaissance, appears with the mists in the Catskill Mountains above Tarrytown, NY which is also famous for the Rip Van Winkle legend. People who are troubled enter the mist...

3 Stars

Just Desserts

What happens when an aging rocker, Tommy Stiles, is getting ready to marry his young supermodel girlfriend, Willow, and during the prenuptial agreement finds out his has a 38 year old daughter? And this daughter, Hayley Goldstein has no ide...

4 Stars

There are 1,912 results matching your search criteria.